Activate Unstructured Data

Unstructured data workflows automation. Production-ready accuracy. At scale.

API Platform

80% of enterprise data is unstructured, and lies in poorly usable formats like pdf, ppt, csv, word, etc. Our set of APIs easily transform rich unstructured documents into ready to use data.

api/schema: extract data following your own JSON schema
Unprecedented accuracy compared to other parsing solutions.
api/extract: document to markdown
Extract the content and structure of any file type. Add-ons : names entity recognition, visual descriptions of slides, smart chunking.
api/metadata: Metadata extraction
Capture document format, page number/count, token count, author, …
api/preview: Preview generation
Easily generate a preview of documents.


All-in-one knowledge management solution

Organise your knowledge automatically
Automatically organise and label your knowledge.
Retrieve information with semantic search
Find document passages relevant to your question, regardless of language.
Chat with retrieved documents
Let AI models analyse documents to answer your questions
Create permanent AI-assistants
Build internal chatbots to handle FAQs

Custom Solutions

We can help you design custom use cases, leveraging our APIs and expertise, ensuring optimal performance and integration with your existing systems.

Unstructured data orchestration
We streamline the management, integration, and analysis of unstructured data from various sources. Our solutions enable seamless data flow, enhance data accessibility, and ensure efficient processing, empowering your business to unlock valuable workflow from unused data assets.
Custom integration and finetuning
We provide tailored solutions to seamlessly integrate new systems with existing infrastructure, and optimize performance to meet specific business needs and requirements.
Infrastructure & compute
We guarantee your models operate on a high-performance, cost-effective solution, with a focus on designing efficient and scalable GPU infrastructure.

Discover our unstructured data orchestration platform.