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Announcing Documentalist
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Announcing Documentalist

Imagine someone in your team who memorised all company files and can retrieve any information from them, in most languages. Someone who can help you for tasks involving large quantities of unstructured information, and who has no workload limit.

Meet Documentalist: a knowledge engine with the following components, leveraging the latest advances in AI.

Knowledge Base: an AI-enriched index of your files, turning them into a memory.
Knowledge Search: a next generation search engine, to explore this memory.
Knowledge Work: a platform to automate knowledge-intensive tasks.

Pierre DulacPierre-Louis Corteel
Using AI to upgrade Enterprise Search
Product Update

Using AI to upgrade Enterprise Search

Since the advent of ChatGPT, the vision of a chatbot capable of addressing any question related to internal knowledge has captivated companies worldwide. However, this aspiration faces significant hurdles due to inherent limitations of chat-based assistants: they can only work with a handful of document passages at a time, easily hallucinate details, and cannot meet the demands of high-privacy environments.

Looking closer, what companies really need is a new kind of enterprise search solution: one that not only retrieves the right information, but can also execute meaningful work by processing the retrieved information – just like an intern would do.

We are working on this vision, leveraging many of the recent advances in GenAI. Here's how.

Pierre DulacPierre-Louis Corteel

O(1) -> O(N) -> O(N²)

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